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If you have questions or want to get a price quote, you can send an e-mail message to  pict

Please indicate the type of service required, urgency, and any other preferences. Please send the whole manuscript: all figures, figure captions, tables, and literary references. The list of literary references and contents of tables are not edited and not included in the cost of work, but they are useful for editing. Long lists of numerical data (as in organic chemistry papers) are not edited either. The preferred format of documents is Microsoft Word (.docx or .doc), RTF, LaTeX, or plain text (.txt). If the size of your files is greater than 10 megabytes, then you might consider zipping them together, uploading the zip file to a file-sharing website or cloud storage, and sending the link by e-mail.

Shevchuk Editing guarantees confidentiality of your documents and personal information.

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